How do I create a post?

1. Go to

2. Calnet authenticate. If this is your first time logging in you’ll need to create a username and password before you can continue.

3. Click ‘Start your search today.’

4. Click ‘Post a message.’

4. Fill out all the fields that have a red star, and type in a message.

6. Click ‘Preview.’

7. If you get an error, you will see a pink box at the top with the error message, such as "Title field is required."  Make corrections and click Preview again.

8. Review your post and click ‘Save’ to enable others to see your post.

Why is Berkeley CareBubbles only open to UC Berkeley affiliates?

While we may consider expanding this search tool to other UC campuses in the future, our current priority is to support Berkeley affiliates in connecting with each other to find dependent care support. There are other tools available to find parents to connect with outside the Berkeley community (e.g., Berkeley Parents Network, Parent Connections section). Logging in to view Berkeley CareBubbles posts requires Calnet authentication.

How long will this website search tool be available?

We anticipate maintaining this site through the current 2020-21 fiscal year (through 6/30/21). If necessary, we may continue to support it in the future, depending on needs related to Covid-19.

Are Berkeley CareBubbles posts moderated or reviewed? 

Members of the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Work and Family (CACWF) will review posts on a regular basis, and remove any that are inappropriate. You may also contact if you have any concerns about particular posts.

What type of "pods" require a state childcare license?*

These are situations that are not required to be licensed as a childcare facility:

1. Pods for school-aged children (K-12) that support distance learning.

2. Pods that function as a nanny share (two or more families sharing a nanny at the home of one of the children).

3. Pods for children under 5 where all parents are present at all times.

4. Pods for children under 5 where a parent is in charge and no money changes hands.

Except for nanny shares, nearly all other care arrangements for children under 5 years old need a license.  

1. Pods for children under 5 years that operate like a preschool. For example, a preschool teacher is hired to run the pod, families are charged tuition, and there is a preschool curriculum or philosophy. Or, pods that have a paid teacher and take place outdoors or at some other site that is not one of the children's homes. These need to be licensed as a preschool or childcare center.

2. Pods for children under 5 years that are run by the parent who is hosting the pod, where other parents are paying them a fee. This is considered a home daycare and needs to be licensed.

*Credit to Ginger Ogle, Berkeley Parents Network, for this information.

How do I search for campus affiliates to create bubbles with?

You can either create a post of your own with information about what and who you are seeking, or search the list of current posts using the “search” tool. Or you can do both!

How should I set up my CareBubble safely and respectfully?

Please use the same processes you would to connect with or hire anyone who would be interacting with your child(ren), including but not limited to: 

  • Be respectful to your fellow UC Berkeley community members and be mindful of care arrangements between families that hold different positionalities on campus (for example, employee/student status, socioeconomic status, etc) 

  • Members of “carebubbles” should discuss and write down their expectations and plans when forming their bubbles. These should be reviewed and updated as needed. Having a written agreement will help avoid misunderstandings or conflicts. 

  • Minors with cell phones or computers shouldn’t share phone numbers or communicate with adults through phone or social media. All communications should be between adults.

  • Bubbles should adhere to all relevant public health orders for the jurisdiction in which the bubble activity occurs. 

  • Individuals and families will have their own tolerances for risk. Some bubbles may decide to follow more strict safety precautions than are required by public health orders. 

  • The use of reputable sources such as county health departments, the state health department, and the CDC is encouraged. Please take appropriate cautions when relying on other sources for health and safety information. 

  • Additional resources for vetting individuals you are considering “bubbling” with are available at BANANAS.

What about the possibility of increasing existing inequities between families from particular groups?

Please follow Berkeley’s Principles of Community when considering how and with whom you interact as you create your Care Bubbles. We particularly draw your attention to three of the Principles:

  • We recognize the intrinsic relationship between diversity and excellence in all our endeavors.

  • We affirm the dignity of all individuals and strive to uphold a just community in which discrimination and hate are not tolerated.

  • We embrace open and equitable access to opportunities for learning and development as our obligation and goal.

Where else can I look to help me find dependent care?

What other resources are available at Berkeley to support me with my dependent care needs?

Please see the Berkeley Caring for Families website for more information on policies and resources to support campus affiliates with dependent care needs during this time.